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Dookie and District Community Plan

At Mount Major in Dookie on 25th May 2003 the Mayor of Greater Shepparton launched the Dookie and District Community Plan.
In response to approaches for assistance for a number of community projects in Dookie during 2002, the Council worked with community members and representatives of the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) to facilitate an integrated planning process. The purpose of this process was to promote a whole-of-community approach through identifying links between initiatives and potential opportunities that ensured community efforts and benefits could be maximised, identifying community priorities and the development of a process for managing change.

A community planning event was conducted in June 2002 at which 120 local residents were involved in developing responses to the following questions:

  • What do you value about Dookie?
  • What is your vision for Dookie and district?
  • What ideas do you have for specific development projects?
The information from this forum was compiled into a draft Community Plan to guide the future development of Dookie and district.
This draft was distributed for community comment and the plan was further refined as a result. At a community forum conducted in November 2002, the Dookie and District Development Forum was established to co-ordinate implementation of the plan, and five priority areas were identified for year one action.

The priorities are:

  • Establishment of rail and walking trails
  • Redevelopment of the Recreation Reserve
  • Water management
  • Aged persons housing
  • Development of partnerships with Dookie College.
It is acknowledged that the plan contains many significant projects, that will be reliant on obtaining funding from a range of sources. The plan and yearly actions will be modified as required subject to the availability of funding for these projects.

Dookie and District Development Forum

Terms of Reference

Name: The name of this group is the Dookie and District Development Forum

Meeting: Bi-monthly or more often as required and agreed by the members, AGM in December

Incorporation: The group is an incorporated association


  1. To provide leadership that initiates and facilitates cooperative action that aims to develop Dookie & the local district
  2. To complete and periodically review the Dookie Community Plan
  3. To provide a forum where new ideas and projects can be incorporated and acted on
  4. To report back to the Dookie community on progress against the Plan and any changes to the Plan.
  5. To recognise and develop skills in the Dookie community that will assist in delivering Plan outcomes
  6. To obtain funding for the employment of a Dookie Community Development Officer
  7. To supervise the Dookie Community Development Officer
  8. To lobby Government at Federal, State and Local levels as well as private funders to attract funds, where possible seeking a whole of community approach which promotes co-operative and/or joint funding of projects
  9. To ensure that implementation has an appropriate mix of short-term projects and early phases of those projects with longer lead times.
  10. To launch the Dookie Community Plan.
  11. To develop and maintain a network of key people who can assist in getting Dookie Plan projects on the political and funding agenda.

Membership: Steve Bowmaker (Chairperson), Virginia Boyd (Secretary), Dennis O'Brien (Deputy Chairperson), Paula Ludeman (Treasurer), Chas Dickins, Kylie Turnbull,  Bill O'Connor, Helen Ellis, Peter McManus, Peter Ryan, Tony Moylan, Trevor Verlin and Jennifer Hawke.

Lifestyle DOOKIE


Lifestyle DOOKIE is more than a group of people with a passion for where they live. It is a vision for where this enterprising community is headed and the exciting journey we can all take to get there.


Lifestyle DOOKIE is the inspiration of a group of forward-thinking people devoted to promoting and building on the emerging wine, food and tourism ventures in the district. It's about making Dookie a destination as well as creating the lifestyle sought by those who live in this small country town and district.


We encourage all interested community members to join the activities of Lifestyle DOOKIE. It's a way you can share your ideas about what you want in your town, and together we can make it happen. Lifestyle DOOKIE has a dynamic Business Plan and has some great achievements in its four years of operation:

  • Development of a website as a portal to Dookie community, business and sporting organisations

  • Improvements to the streetscape

  • Community events

  • Projects to assist promotion and marketing of Dookie businesses

  • Creation of a brand identity through a Dookie Logo and a range of Dookie merchandise

  • Securing government funding for local projects.

Participating in Lifestyle DOOKIE doesn't involve regular monthly meetings. We're an action group that responds quickly to ideas and challenges and works in partnership with Council and other groups to make things happen. We would like to hear from you so please contact Virginia Boyd on (03) 5828 9282 or email giniboyd@activ8.net.au.

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