Dookie is beautifully situated between Mt Major and Mt Saddleback and offers its town and district residents a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Dookie is a farming community, expanding its interests almost on a daily basis. The Dookie population is also lucky enough to live 5 minutes from the University of Melbourne's Dookie College, with which it enjoys a special relationship. Dookie has many sporting groups, community groups and a wonderful community spirit. It certainly is worth the 20 minute drive from Shepparton or a 25 minute drive from Benalla to visit its many natural beauties. The community is working towards developing Dookie's many local attractions and local businesses for both the community that lives here and its visitors.
If you are interested in moving to Dookie, follow the links below to real estate agents who specialise in the Dookie area:

Youngs and Co: http://www.youngsandco.com.au/

Kevin Hicks Real Estate: http://www.kevinhicksrealestate.com.au/

Flanagan and Reed: http://www.flanaganandreed.com.au/

There are so many reasons to visit or move to Dookie. So what do the locals think?

Wilma & Fred Lawrence

Dookie is a great place to live. It's quiet and peaceful and surrounded by beautiful hills. It's also central to so many other places. There is a great little park used by so many people, both locals and a huge number of visitors. We find the layout of the town interesting with its streets and little lanes. But most of all we love the people we've met. They are very caring friendly and helpful; we have made some wonderful friends. Now with the addition of the coffee shop, The Emporium and a hairdresser added to the other businesses it's a great package. Aren't we lucky. We love Dookie.

Ben & Suzie Hall

We moved to the country for a better lifestyle and we have found it in Dookie. It's a great place for families with all the facilities you would find in a bigger place but on a more intimate friendly scale: playgrounds, sporting facilities, family day care, preschool and there are two great primary schools in the district. We are lucky to have a great modern pub and a coffee shop and there's a store where we can get basic everyday needs. We can walk everywhere we want to go and it's only 25 minutes in the car to get to Shepparton. This is an active community and there are always events on. People here are very friendly and inclusive. We think we have made a good choice in moving to Dookie.

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